Renovation Loans - How They Can Be Beneficial in the Current Market

Blog posted On September 21, 2023

Roughly half of the American population worries they’ll never own a home. Fewer homes are for sale and more homes are selling over asking price, meaning you’re more likely to be involved in a bidding war and might not be able to afford the homes you like. Many buyers, especially first-time buyers are understandably losing hope. If you feel like you’re one of these people, we’ll tell you a secret hack that most American buyers AREN’T doing that can uncover more options at lower prices. Don’t lose hope just yet!


6 Tips on How to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions at Home

Blog posted On July 27, 2022

Many parts of the world are experiencing extreme heat waves this summer. What are ways that we can help reduce the impact of heat waves at home?


DIY Projects That Can Boost Your Home’s Value

Blog posted On June 15, 2022

Are you thinking about putting your house on the market? Certain updates can help you maximize profits from the sale of your home. It may be overwhelming to think about the cost of renovations, but there are several medium-to-low-cost updates that can quickly boost your home’s value.


7 Features That Could Boost Your Home’s Value

Blog posted On April 13, 2022

Not all of a home’s value is based on a curb appeal. In fact, some unusual features could actually attract more buyers and boost your sales price. In a study for Angi, formerly Angie’s List, researchers identified common features that people have in their homes that come with a nice price premium.


How a Renovation Loan Can Help You

Blog posted On February 10, 2022

Searching for an affordable home in a competitive market can be difficult. Not only are you competing with other buyers, but with high home prices as well. A good option that can help expand your home search is a renovation loan.


9 Loan Programs for First-Time Home Buyers

Blog posted On October 28, 2021

Saving for the down payment is one of the biggest hurdles for first-time home buyers. But with the help of low down payment loan programs and down payment assistance, you can be home sweet home in no time.


How to Finance a Home Renovation

Blog posted On July 29, 2021

When the housing market has a limited supply of homes, many owners opt to renovate or upgrade their existing home rather than move to a new home. Not only can this help improve your living area, but it can boost your home’s resale value as well. Plus, there are several different options that can help you finance home renovations. 


4 Tips for Buying a Home in a Busy Market

Blog posted On June 30, 2021

When the housing market is hot, it might take you a little bit longer to find your future home, but it’s not impossible. Instead of rushing in on the first house you see or opting out altogether, here are four tips to help guide you home when the market is hot.


8 Questions to Ask Your Contractor Before Renovating

Blog posted On June 17, 2021

Renovating your home is exciting. But it’s also a big undertaking, and you will want to make sure it’s done right. To make sure you get the most bang for your buck, here are eight questions to ask potential contractors before you hire them.


Home Renovations with the Highest and Lowest Returns

Blog posted On May 20, 2021

Home renovations can be costly endeavors, depending on the scope of your project. Some homeowners might renovate simply because they need more space. Others might have the goal of boosting their home’s value. If the purpose of your home renovation is to increase your home’s value, it’s important to weigh out its cost. Certain renovations might not have the same resale value that you imagined. To help you plan for your home renovation, here are the current home upgrades with the highest and lowest return on investment (ROI).


3 Reasons to Refinance with a Renovation Loan

Blog posted On December 24, 2020

‘Tis the last day of shopping, and you still don’t have a clue, of which gifts you should buy or what you should do. Stores may be closed, and deals may be done, but luckily, we have the perfect gift for everyone. A playroom for the kids, a home office for you, and a new kitchen for the chef in the family, too. So, look no further than the walls of your home – because anything is possible with a renovation loan.  


6 Home Improvement Projects that Won’t Improve Your Home’s Resale Value

Blog posted On July 23, 2020

Like many Americans, you’ve probably spent considerably more time than usual at your home over the past few months.  Homeowners across the country have gotten inspired to renovate their homes and invest in upgrades to improve their homes’ present livability and also increase the resale value.