6 Tips to Help You Reach the Closing Table Faster

Blog posted On January 19, 2022

Mortgage lending has come a long way in recent years. You no longer need a 20% down payment and perfect credit score to secure a loan. There are several mortgage options with low down payment requirements and lenient credit score qualifications. What you do need for a smooth closing is honesty, cooperation, and trust. There are many steps in the mortgage process, but the most important factor in each is providing your lender all the information we need.


How to Successfully Invest in Short-Term Rentals

Blog posted On December 08, 2021

Many vacation homeowners may choose to lease their second homes out as short-term rentals when they are not occupying the property.  Leasing a home as a short-term rental through a service like Airbnb or VRBO is a great way to earn extra income and offset some of the cost of homeownership.  In some popular vacation destinations, the prevalence of short-term rentals has led to restrictions and ordinances limiting rental activity.  For example, in Breckenridge, Colorado, city officials are currently trying to reduce the amount of licensed short-term rentals from 3,000 to 2,200 properties. 


5 Red Flags to Watch for with Your Real Estate Agent

Blog posted On December 02, 2021

In today’s busy market, working with the right real estate agent is critical to moving fast and getting your offer accepted.  While your real estate agent can’t change the floorplan or location of your home, they can make the home buying process easier.  If you’re working with an agent and you’re not sure if it’s helping, here are five red flags that might signal it’s time to hire a new agent.


Should You Trust Online Home Price Estimates?

Blog posted On October 13, 2021

In the age of Zillow and Zestimates, it can be difficult to discern what’s real and what’s not. Online home price calculators like Zillow’s Zestimate tool and Redfin’s Estimate calculator can give you a rough idea of how much a home is worth. This can help sellers get an idea of their market value and buyers determine what’s in their budget. However, it shouldn’t be the sole factor influencing your sales price or home offer.


What to Expect When You Close on a Home

Blog posted On October 07, 2021

Closing on a home is an exciting start to a new future, and it’s a huge accomplishment. If you’re about to close on a home of your own – congrats! We’re sure you can’t wait to move in and start enjoying life as a homeowner. Before you do, there are a few important steps of the closing process left.


A Step-by-Step Guide to Downsizing as a Retiree

Blog posted On September 23, 2021

Change can be hard – whether you’re a first-time home buyer adjusting to home maintenance or a retired homeowner moving to a smaller place. Going from what you’ve known to something new isn’t always easy – especially if it’s what you’ve known most of your life. Downsizing homes as a retiree can almost feel like you’re a first-time home buyer all over again. But in a few simple steps, you can go from experienced homeowner to successful home seller in no time.


5 Ways to Tell If a Home is Overpriced

Blog posted On September 16, 2021

With surging home prices, high buyer demand, and low housing inventory, the market can become a feeding frenzy for eager buyers looking to lock in low mortgage rates. Sellers list their homes at higher prices and buyers make offers that are tens of thousands of dollars over asking price to compete. But even in a seller’s market, there comes a point where the price of a home simply outweighs its worth. Here are five ways to determine if a home is overpriced.


How to Buy a House While Paying Off Student Loans

Blog posted On September 02, 2021

Millennials have been the generation with the most home buyers since 2014, followed by Gen X. As of 2021, Gen X has been the generation with the most student loan debt, followed by Millennials. Many people sitting on the home buying sideline might think that they can’t purchase a home because of their student debt. However, the two generations with the most debt are also the two generations that purchase the most homes. While having student loans might make the home buying process slightly more challenging, it certainly shouldn’t prevent you from applying. By taking some of the following steps, you can increase your chances of mortgage approval and better prepare for your home purchase. 


A Home Buyer’s Guide to Moving: What to Buy and What You Can Get Free

Blog posted On August 18, 2021

According to, the average cost of a local move is $1,250. The cost of a long-distance move is $4,890. Though these costs might seem steep, there are certain moving purchases that could save you thousands in the long run. Others, you might be able to do without.


Seller Concessions: What Are They and How Can They Help?

Blog posted On August 05, 2021

Many buyers look at one number when shopping for a home – the number on the price tag. While a home’s sales price plays a large role in the cost of your future payments and how much your mortgage loan will be, it’s not the only cost you should be considering in your budget. Aside from interest rates and your down payment, another important home buying factor is your closing costs.


5 Mortgage Myths, Debunked

Blog posted On July 28, 2021

If you don’t think you’d qualify for a mortgage, think again. Many times, home buyers will doubt they can qualify for a home loan based on misinformation. So, to set the record straight, here are five mortgage myths, debunked.


Taking a Five-Sense Approach to Touring Homes

Blog posted On July 21, 2021

Touring a home can be a sensory overload. Many times, we see what we want to see, and not what we need to see. In other words, when touring a home, you’re likely envisioning a perfect future instead of noticing the current imperfections of your surroundings.  If you take a five-sense approach to your home tours, you can get an even better feel of how you might like your future home. 


4 Tips for Buying a Home in a Busy Market

Blog posted On June 30, 2021

When the housing market is hot, it might take you a little bit longer to find your future home, but it’s not impossible. Instead of rushing in on the first house you see or opting out altogether, here are four tips to help guide you home when the market is hot.


3 Compromises You Shouldn’t Make When Buying a Home

Blog posted On June 24, 2021

When the housing market is hot and inventory is low, finding the right home can be difficult. You’ll likely have fewer choices and more buyers competing for the same homes. Consequently, you might have to expand your search and sacrifice certain home features. This can help you buy your home sooner, but there are certain compromises you shouldn’t make even when you are eager to buy.


5 Questions to Ask a Real Estate Agent Before Hiring Them

Blog posted On June 03, 2021

Google can do a lot, but it can’t quite compete with talking to someone about all of your home buying questions. Working with a REALTOR® can be a great asset in your home buying journey. Not only can they provide individualized advice, but they’re there to help guide you every step of the way. Many home buyers find a trusted REALTOR® through word of mouth or network connections, but if you’re starting from scratch, asking potential REALTORS® these five questions might be a good place to start.


Don’t Make This Common Home Buying Mistake

Blog posted On June 02, 2021

If you’re buying a home, you’re probably focused on the upfront costs: your down payment, interest rate, and purchase price. These costs will dictate how much you pay upfront and how much your monthly mortgage payments will be going forward. To aid your home search, you might create a budget around the estimated monthly mortgage payments you will be able to afford. While this is a good start to your purchase preparation, you won’t want to stop there. Making a home buying budget strictly based on the estimated monthly mortgage payments you can afford might put yourself in a difficult financial position down the road.


5 Myths About Buying a Home

Blog posted On May 19, 2021

Buying a home is a big step. Renting allows you to live more commitment-free, and when you think of buying, you might be worried about what it entails. For many people, they envision a large debt, strict mortgage requirements, and settling down. But not everything you hear about buying a home is true. To help you transition from renting to buying, here are five common myths about buying a home.


What’s the Difference Between Condos, Apartments, and Townhouses?

Blog posted On May 13, 2021

Choosing where to buy or rent a place to live depends on many different factors. How far is the commute? What are the school districts like? Is it located in a nice neighborhood? All important questions to consider. But before you answer them, you’ll need to answer what kind of property am I looking for? There are several options to consider besides a house.


Mistakes to Avoid When Buying in a Busy Market

Blog posted On April 15, 2021

Everything moves faster when buyer competition is high. The offers roll in quicker, the houses close sooner, and the seller often gets much more than their asking price. Consequently, many buyers feel the pressure to act fast too. This can lead you to skip inspections, overpay, and wind up in a bad financial position in the long run. To help you avoid these common mistakes, here are five DOs and DON’Ts to guide you through buying in a busy market.


A Home Buyer’s Guide to a Pet-Friendly Purchase

Blog posted On April 07, 2021

When buying a home, it’s important to consider the needs of all family members involved. For many families, this includes the needs of a furry friend. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, over 50% of American households have at least one pet, and nearly 90% of those households said their pets’ needs are very important factors when buying a home. If you’re one of those 90%, consider these four questions to find the perfect place for both or both you and your pet.


4 Steps for a Successful Home Purchase

Blog posted On March 18, 2021

After years of saving and months of searching, you’ve finally found the one. Now, you’re ready to move in. But there are a few other steps you need to take before the moving trucks roll up. If you know them in advance and are prepared, then the home purchase process can move even faster, and you can start packing up in no time.


6 Factors that Affect a Home’s Price

Blog posted On March 02, 2021

Home price appreciation has surged over the past year – up 10.1% year-over-year, according to the recent Case-Shiller home price index report. This is the first time that home prices have seen a double-digit gain since 2014, as more buyers have been flooding the housing market and fewer homes have been available for sale. Whether you’re a proactive homeowner getting your house ready to sell, or a savvy home buyer looking to make a smart investment, knowing which factors affect a home’s price could help you maximize your returns in the future.


How to Determine if You’re Financially Ready to Buy a Home

Blog posted On February 24, 2021

When many home buyers are preparing to purchase a home, they can picture it all – the perfect house, the perfect family, and the perfect renovations they’re already planning in their heads. While buying a house is definitely an exciting investment, it’s important that your financial preparedness matches (or surpasses) your emotional preparedness to buy as well. In order to to help determine if you’re financially ready to buy a home, here are 5 questions to answer.


Answer These Questions BEFORE You Buy a Home

Blog posted On February 18, 2021

Mortgage rates have been breaking record lows for the past several months – making home buyer demand surge. And while low mortgage rates present a great opportunity for potential home buyers, there are many factors that you should consider, besides your mortgage rate, before you buy a home.


Jumbo Loans 101: What They Are and When You Need One

Blog posted On January 21, 2021

Last month, the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) announced that it would be raising the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac conforming loan limits, marking the fifth straight year of loan limit increases. Still, in certain markets, homes are more expensive than the current conforming loan limits. If you’re looking in one of these markets, you’ll likely need to consider a jumbo loan option.


Why Buying a Home is a Smart Investment

Blog posted On January 13, 2021

When people think of investments, they normally think Wall Street and stockbrokers. And while stocks can be a great investment, many experts recommend diversifying your investment portfolio to reduce risk and maximize returns.


How to Finance a Home in Retirement

Blog posted On November 19, 2020

You’ve finished working, paid off your debt, and finally gotten the kids out of the house – now, it’s time to retire and relax. However, relaxing can be hard when you’re still responsible for keeping up a family-sized home. If you’re tired of maintaining a large house, but still want the benefits of owning a home, it might be time to downsize. Unfortunately, downsizing to a smaller home requires you to apply and qualify for another mortgage – which can be unfamiliar when you don’t have a salary.